Checking version. Net Framework on your Windows

Microsoft. Net Framework is required for most menjalanakan software and applications. But there are many windows users who do not mengetahuin version. Net Framework installed on Windows they use. To overcome this problem, you can use the program ASoft. NET Version Detector

ASoft. NET Version Detector a software that provides information about the various versions of Microsoft. NET installed on the system that we use. After you run this program it will appear notice. Net Framework what you use. Green color indicates the installed version, while not yet installed the version shown with Red Color

ASoft. NET Version Detector also provides the official link from Microsoft to download. Net framework and SDK. This program also provides a formal link to download. Net framework and SDK that is not installed on the machine. Also provides detailed information about. NET Frameworks are installed with a link to the directory

Tips: To get the download link. Net Framework click on the green arrow icon on the left. And to obtain information. Net Framework to the link directory, click on the Picture Movie Microsoft. Net Framework.

Download : ASoft. NET Version Detector

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