How to teach web programming ???

I always wanted to give back to the society and lately, I told myself, “Why not teach the students on how to design and program a website?” In Singapore, not many have the web programming and design skills and I personally finds it very useful. Coincidentally, when I was back at home, my sisters wanted me to teach them how to do it. So I took this opportunity to try my teaching method.

Surprisingly, it’s much harder than I thought. There are so many things involved around this “Web” subject ranging from the technicality of web server technologies, web standards, HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, etc. And most of them correlated. Chicken and Egg problem.

I began to wonder, should I take at a high level approach or a low level approach? A high level approach would to be give them a well-finish site, like blogspot, and start exploring parts by parts when they want to make changes to the website, wherelse a low level one will be explain bits and pieces and relate it to them.

What do all of you think? Do you all have any experience in learning or teaching?

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