Imagine Picture Viewer

Imagine Picture Viewer is a simple freeware image viewer for Windows with some image editing basics. This program can be used as an alternative because it has a simple look and a little elegant. The size of this program is small and when used is not a lot of computer resources

Imagine Picture Viewer also has an interesting feature, this program can directly upload pictures to some image hosting services like Flickr, Picasa, TwitPic, and ImageShack without opening a browser. Of course to use this feature in aharus kit online. Imagine Picture Viewer running on the NET Framework is usually already installed on our computers


* Simple and Easy to use.
* Light weight. Just 1MB!
* Supports JPEG, BMP & PNG
* Open Source and Free
* Supports Zoom, Rotate, Flip and crop
* Slideshow
* Build on solid. NET Framework
* Supports sending emails directly from the application using GMail & Live Mail
What's New in version 2.2.4:

* Featuring new icon designed by Night Lithium
* Fixed issues regarding multiple instances
* Various Critical and minor bugs fixed
* Undo / Redo added
* Upload to ImageShack added
* Resize picture feature added
* Fixed bug related to delete picture

Download HERE

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