Introduction to Creating a Website

Perhaps for that has not got the site and have never tried to make-a sure will look very difficult. I think a lot of internet users who are interested and want to have a website or blog. And among them was limited to and interested in it, there is little benar2 want to create a blog or website ....

Why is that?

Because of their limited interest in it without trying.

So if we really want to create a blog or website should never hesitate to START. Maybe there are some people who are building a website with a hosting facility yg free and encountered many difficulties, because hosting many shortcomings and does not have fitur that can help and make us. a free hehe: d

My advice: if you want to start benar2 do not hesitate to buy a domain and hosting ..

What is domain and hosting??

Domain is the name of your site, or site address. www.websitesaya.com example. Domain can be purchased or registered by the domain registered on the service, its cost also includes cheap, averaging about 50 thousand to 100 thousand to 1 domain for 1 year.

Hosting. - Hosting is where you store files or data on your website.

In order to facilitate the building site to choose a reliable web hosting. And has fitur2 as follows:

- Control Panel (Cpanel 11.x).
- Web Based Email (Horde, Squirellmail).
- Email POP3 Accounts, SMTP, Fowarders.
- Auto Responders, Mail Blocking, Email Aliases.
- PhpMyAdmin Support.
- MySQL Databases.
- Sub-Domains.
- FTP Accounts.
- CGI, Perl, PHP, GD, Curl.
- Secure Server Includes (SSI).
- File manager.
- Zend Optimizer. - MS Frontpage Extensions.
- WAP / WML / Wireless.
- Cron Jobs.
- Web Based Statistics.
- Password Protected Files.
- SMTP Mail Server.
- Real Audio / Video.
- MX Record Changes.
- Shopping Cart.
- Custom Error Pages.
- Fantastico

And if we want to better prioritize our visitors from the country choose the server reply is in Indonesia.

And hal2 should be considered in the process of creating and managing a site is:

* Setting Goals A Site

Before making an effective site design, specify your site goals clearly

* Designing Sites

3 main elements to consider for your message to: Visual design, Content, User Interface

* Promotions

Perform a variety of promotional efforts such as through email, forums. Search engine submission (google.com, etc), list the various directory (dmoz.org, etc.), active in various forums, link exchange, banner ads to rent space on other sites more popular.

* Website Maintenance and Development

Update information. check broken links. Additional new content. Keep your site looking fresh and prepared your site become more popular.

Previously maap kalo gw asking this paper is very simple and not very useful. Because i'm newbie: D he he he

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