Optimize Windows 7/Vista with Ultimate Windows Tweaker

For users of Windows 7 or Windows Vista and want to change the hidden settings that exist, can use the Ultimate Windows Tweaker. Free and portable tools serves to tweaking and optimization, which can make the operating system faster, stable and more secure with just a few clicks.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker will automatically detect whether the use of Windows is Windows Vista / Windows 7, so the option appears automatically adjusted. What are the features of this program?

System Information:
- Displays operating system information, version + build no, rating system, processor, RAM, computer and other descriptions.

- Windows Explorer, various options related to the display / menu in Windows Explorer.
- Customize Start Menu, like hide and some other menu items.
- Disable Taskbar Appearance as a preview of Aero Peek, taksbar lock, disable windows preview (thumbnails), remove a few icons and other.

UAC & User Accounts
- Change some of the menu at the Welcome Screen
- Change the text effects on the Welcome Screen, as well as background
- Some settings in the User Account Control

System Performance
- Changing Tooltip display the actual value in milliseconds
- Perbakan "Action Menu"
- Tweak for performance systems, such as non-auto respondins end applications, automatically restarts the shell, Uload DLL from memory, and others.
- Optimization services, such as Disable Superfetch service, the Windows Security Center, Windows Time service, printer spooling, Tablet PC, Windows Update and Windows Aero user interface.

Security Settigs
- Administrative restriction, such as disable the Registry editor, command prompt, Task Manager, MMC snap-ins, WinKey Control, System Restore, change color and appearance, Control Panel, and other autoplay.
- Windows Explorer Restriction: Disable folder options, remove the security tab, and burn CDs feature eliminates congenital explorer menu contents.
- Windows Application Restriction, such as disabling the Windows media center, sound recorder, Windows Defender, sidebar, windows error reportin and mobility center.
- Windows Update Settings

Network Tweaks
- Various tweaks on the network
- Otimalisasi bandwidth

Internet Explorer
- Reset IE to setting innate (defaut)
- General, such as changing the window judu, download directory and the other
- Various settings in Advanced Tab and configuration

Additional Tweaks
- Displays context menu for drives and folders, files and folders as well.
- Various other tweaks, such as disable Hibernation, windows startup sound, pagefile, encryption and more.

http://www.thewindowsclub.com/ultimate-windows-tweaker-v2-a-tweak-ui-for-windows-7-vista (Size 139 KB zip, exe files about 345 KB)

This program can not be used to tweak Windows XP. If you want to customize some hidden settings, can use Tweak UI which can be downloaded from the Microsoft PowerToys page for Windows XP

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