Sofware Kompressi

A few days ago I tried to find information on software like winzip kompressi. Finally I found one site that displays the results of the comparison (benchmark) various techniques kompressi.

From the results shown were kompressi common technique and has become the current standard, which is zip, has a far greater efficiency than other techniques, although still in terms of faster speeds. More can be found at the site maximumcompression

One technique is good enough between the efficiency and speed is *. 7z Open source software was 7-zip. Even the 7-zip kompressi often exceeds kompressi WinRAR. When compared with Winzip clearly better and sometimes produces 2x size smaller than zip. 7-zip also supports kompressi in other formats such as zip, tar, bzip2 and gzip. For the ability to read 7-zip, in addition to supporting these formats, is also capable of reading formats RAR (WinRAR), cab, arj, z, cpio, rpm (Linux package), deb, lzh, split and chm (html help). In addition, the Open Source license must also have the advantage.

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