Through Kaspersky enable Regedit

For your Kaspersky Anti-Virus users are often difficult to obtain the Key files can use the trick through regedit below written by the form KongThyllle Comments Here. With this trick you can still use Kaspersky and perform the update without fear of the Blacklist. Tricks following core to use Trial Version can always be used.

HELLO EVERYBODY ...! Good night all ......

I want to love the registry trick for KIS 2010 can be activated you all LIFE TIME! without diblacklist.


* Open KIS 2010, and then turn off the "Self Defense". after that exit KIS 2010.
* Go to Start \ Run \ write on it: "regedit" and press Enter.
* Setelak's press ctrl f, write "ProductStatus".
press Enter and change the value of the "Release" to "Beta", then Enter again. exit regedit, and then run again 2010nya KIS.
* You will see the words "NOT FOR SALE", do not worry.
* After that activate the trial version, but the delete key once you have install (if it already exists).

Well, now you activated KIS 2010 LIFETIME. Just every month you are prompted to activate it. Staying activate trial ... and ... ... ACTIVATED. Ready in use, updates, etc ... without fear of blacklist key.

Performance problems with the release ... calm.

This trick I have done in Windows 7 RTM version 6.1.7600.16385, and everything went smoothly.

For Vista users, you may need to disable UAC temporarily beforehand. For users of Windows 7 is not shutting off UAC. SELF DEFENSE make sure that the first has been disabled ...

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