Changes Avira updates (faster)

Avira which provides both an online update (automatic update) or offline (manual update) has recently changed the scheme of his antivirus updates.

Previous Update Avira for about 26 MB consists of 4 files (called VDF files), which is antivir0.vdf, antivir1.vdf, antivir2.vdf and antivir3.vdf. For this version 9, Update Avira registration is divided into 32 files, start vbase000.vdf, vbase001.vdf ... vbase031.vdf. Vbase000.vdf file will have the greatest size, around 19 MB, and subsequent files are much smaller.

The existence of these files can be viewed at Avira installation folder, ie
C: \ Program Files \ Avira \ AntiVir Desktop. If the folder does not yet exist, so Avira not updated with 9 new scheme.

Changes this update scheme applies only to Avira version 9, either version Free personal, Premium, Internet security, Professional, Server and other products (version 8 update scheme is the same as before). These changes aim to make the size smaller updates that improve the speed of update, because the development of increasingly rapid malware.

We have provided two types of VDF file for manual update, the VDF Antivirus Update (for Avira 9) and AntiVir iVDF update (for Avira 8). For Direct Download, right-click the following link and select Save link As ... (rather large size of about 23 MB - 26 MB)

* Update Avira 9: Download VDF (multiple VDF)
* Update Avira 8: Download iVDF (container VDF)

For more information or any product on the support, please see the download location More at http://www.avira.com/en/support/vdf_update.html

After downloading this file, to update the manual process to stay open Avira and open this file via the menu Update> Manual Update. When finished, the next update process should be faster by using the automatic update (with internet connection).
Automatic Update

Automatic updates can be done if our computers connected to the internet. If Avira version 9 is still using the old version update, then the first update process can be done by typing the following command in the Run menu (Start Menu> Run):

C: \ Program Files \ Avira \ AntiVir Desktop \ update.exe / DM = 0 / NOMESSAGEBOX / receivetimeout = 180

For 64 operating system using the following command:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Avira \ AntiVir Desktop \ update.exe / DM = 0 / NOMESSAGEBOX / receivetimeout = 180

Automatic Update process the first time will probably require a relatively long time (depending on internet connection). But the next update will be much faster. Furthermore, although the 8 is still supported Avira updates, but it is advisable to use the latest version, especially if you use Avira Free Personal.

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