Creating a USB Bootable Linux in Flashdisk

Perhaps many of us are curious to try a variety of Linux that can be obtained free of charge. But sometimes the problem is the install process that for most people a bit difficult. Therefore, we can try to make linux run directly from a USB Flashdisk.
In some distributions, we are able to run linux from CD, such as Ubuntu. But if linux is in flash, this would make it easier for us with this operating system everywhere. Including if you can not boooting from CD / DVD-ROM.

UNetbootin is an open source application that serves to make a bootable Live USB for various Linux distributions. So that we can run linux directly from a USB hard drive without requiring Flashdisk and not interfere with the system or existing data on the hard drive.

This application can be run on Windows 2000/XP/Vista or linux. Linux distro we can make a bootable via the flash is:

* Ubuntu
* Debian
* Linux Mint
* OpenSUSE
* Arch Linux
* Damn Small Linux
* SliTaz
* Puppy Linux
* FreeBSD
* NetBSD
* Fedora
* PCLinuxOS
* Sabayon Linux
* Gentoo
* Zenwalk
* Slax
* Dreamlinux
* Elive
* CentOS
* Mandriva
* FaunOS
* Frugalware Linux

In addition, UNetbootin can also be used to create various tools or other utilities systems, such as:

* Parted Magic, Partition Manager software to modify, repair, backup or restore disk partition.
* Super Grub Disk, a boot utility to repair and restore problems booting various operating systems.
* Backtrack utility for network analysis
* Ophcrack, password merecovery utility for windows
* NTPasswd, utility to reset windows password and edit the registry
* Gujin, Bootloader with graphical user interface (GUI) for booting various operating systems
* FreeDOS, to run flahs BIOS and DOS commands others.

In addition, we also can add a variety of other plugins. Learn how to add plugins, can be accessed at http://unetbootin.wiki.sourceforge.net/useplugin

How to Use

UNetbootin, provides features for direct download Linux from the Internet or using the ISO file (CD Image) which we downloaded earlier. Flash is needed size 1 GB or larger and use the FAT32 file system format. This application does not need to install, but run it directly. Here's more:

1. Run File UNetBotin.
2. If you want to download directly the desired distributions, choose from the list provided. If the ISO file is already on your hard drive, select DiskImage, and locate the file was an ISO Image
3. Select the USB drive is available.
4. Click OK to start the process

5. Wait until the data copy process is complete

When finished, it can immediately try to restart the computer and do not forget to set the computer BIOS Booting the first time via USB. I have tried with Ubuntu 8.10 and managed to (require approximately 709 MB of space)

Download UNetbootin for Windows (3.8 MB)

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