Disk Cleanup - Cleaning Windows

Windows Operating System has several features integrated in it that sometimes often forgotten by users. One of the features are integrated within the Windows Disk Cleanup feature that can clean the junk files that are not needed, such as the Office temporary files and report errors that age is in months.

You can use the Disk Cleanup feature to drive (HDD) that you want to clean up. Drive or partition that is used for OS systems are usually a bit dirty, but did not rule out the other drives are also dirty.

To use this feature very easy. Follow the instructions below:

* Open My Computer, then Right click on the drive (HDD)
* Select Menu Properties
* This will bring up a new window, select Disk Cleanup
* Wait a moment, then a new window will pop up again
* Next, you can do the cleaning at the Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Miscrosoft Error Reporting Temporary Files, etc.
After you run the Disk Cleanup feature, and clean files that do not use it then your PC will run faster, and have more disk space than the previous lot. This feature you can use in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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