Fix Error 40 windows with XP Quick Fix Plus

There are so many free programs to fix windows and restore the common mistakes that often occur in Windows XP. But there are times when we just want to correct one error windows with just one click, such as restore the Task Manager or Registry Editor.

For that, we can use this freeware, XP Quick Fix Plus.
Quick Fix XP Plus is a small program and portable (no need to install) that serves to correct the error (error) occurs commonly in windows XP. This program has a simple display, making it very easy to use. Included 40 functions to correct common errors that often occur.

Program size is only around 584 KB is practical enough to be included in the flash and used as standard applications. Among its features are as follows (there are a total of 40 features):

* Enabling task manager can not run (disabled)
* Enable the Registry Editor
* Enable Folder Options
* Displays the Run dialog missing
* Enable command prompt
* Restore My Computer Properties
* Restore the Device Manager
* Boot.ini tab missing from MSCONFOG
* Error windows right click
* CD / DVD drive is lost or not recognized
* Turn Off Icon missing from the Start menu
* Enable autoplay CD

Very easy to use. Once downloaded, open the zip file it (extract) and run the file lfx.exe. When the mouse in place in one of the buttons, it will display an explanation and more detail the function d bottom. Just click the button to fix windows errors according to the information provided.

In addition to the program meyertakan with graphical interface (GUI = Graphical User Interface), also included qfc.exeE command line application that has 6 features, to improve the Task Manager, Registry Editor, Folder Options, Run dialog, My Computer properties and can not run a file - fle EXE.

Download XP Quick Fix Plus OR HERE

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