How To Increase Alexa Page Rank

Please read carefully and properly applied.

A philosophy that says "Honesty is the Best Policy (Honesty is the political / best strategy)", this is what we prove the concept of honesty .... if we were able to generate traffic and greater popularity of the complex concept of expert webmaster or SEO expert ?

I believe this concept could be home run to right. If this is applied on your website in accordance with the:

-Web you will be "flooded with traffic visitors an extraordinary" day after day, without having to worry about SEO or tired-tired of the campaign control every aspect of the world where the Internet.

-Web you will be "flooded with extraordinary backlink" day after day, without bothering to hunt link control every aspect of the world where the Internet.

If Albert Einstein used the equation E = mc2 to combine the potential and the speed of light to produce nuclear energy was incredible, we will use the equation t = v1 v2 for my web potential mnggabungkan and your website to generate traffic and extraordinary popularity also .

If Einstein's use of plutonium and uranium atoms to create a nuclear bomb, then we use the honesty and accuracy to make a bomb Traffic and Popularity this.

All you have to do is follow the following steps:

1. Start posting articles as I post this, or copy-paste this post and also given the title: t = v1 v2, How to increase Traffic and Popularity Quickly and Naturally.
2. Copy or create the next mantra that is under the number 4 is then put on your website in the most easy to see visitors, for example at the top of the sidebar.
3. Move or change a link or url address of my posts (here-1) replaces the url address of my colleagues (here-2). Url address to find my posts and posts that you make is to be by clicking on the title / title of posts we make it.
4. Then post the contents of your url address in the here-1 earlier. So you do publish (publish) 2 times, after this post you created and finished in the published, and then you click on the title (title) post to take / to copy url address of your posts from your browser's address bar, then you edit again this post and input on the link here-1's.
5. Here are the words "mantra" you need to install in your web parts (after the change of his url link in accordance with the above): "Want to increase traffic and visitors your web popularity quickly and infinity? Leave it to me. I'll do it for you FREE! Click here and here-1-2 "
6. So after this mantra on Lay on your website then: if the user clicks on the link here-1 will lead you post a link, and if you click here-2 will lead to link my post ... and so on will continue to place chain unbroken like that.
7. Here are 2 links: the link you (my current web link) and link me (my partner web link now). Then replace the (address) "link you" with "your web url links" and "my links with my web url links" (links delete my colleagues).
8. Your link
9. My links
10. Done, prepare counter tracker and link such talker sitemeter and technorati to see the results of traffic flooding your website and linkback.

What is t = v1 t2 ...?
t: The number of traffic going in your web obtained in one day
v1: Number of visitors your website in one day
v2: Number of visitors who have v1 (visitors of your web visitors) in one day.

For example, my website or your website within a day had an average of 50 people .. visitors, and we all apply this concept (SENTENCE SAKTI) correctly, and of 50 men each have 50 people all visitors from his blog , then we will likely web at visit 50 x 50 plus 50 people on that day = 2550 people, and will likely continue to increase day by day too, because every day there are always new visitors in the Internet world, every day there is also a blogger or a new web in the world of the Internet ... PROVE!

For example, our website has visitors 50 people in one day, and semuannya implement this concept, then the web that day you will get 100 backlinks to your website, a link to the mantra and a link on my link in multiply 50. and will likely continue to rise day after day ....

Why need to create a link in your link and my link to the post ...?
... it is to maintain the immortality of our links, because as we know the link to the post less likely erased ....

Can we do would not be fair or not fair sabotaging this concept, such as "remove all links of origin" and the contents of the website / blog of our own ...? .... Yes, and this concept would not be maximal to prove Honesty is a strategy / best politics ..... But I'm sure that we all do not want to drop yourself credibility by doing such a cheap ...

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