Software Sysinternals

For those of you who often manipulate utak including troubleshooting windows error, virus, memory usage, slow computer and so on, certainly no stranger to this software from sysinternals.

One of the most useful program is autorun, which can be used to detect whether there is a virus or a program that path when starting windows. Another program is the berfungis Process Explorer as Task Manager, but with many advantages. In addition there are more than 60 Free utilities that would be useful for beginners to advanced users.

Sysinternals web site was made in 1996 by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell to put their skills on system utilities and technical information. Perhaps because they saw the great ability, as happens with most developers, Microsoft finally recruiting them in July 2006. For a professional user and the developer (developer) will see that sysinternal utilities will be helpful in managing, troubleshoot and diagnostic windows. and if you have questions about the use of visiting toolstersebut please Sysinternals forums.

When Microsoft hired them, they now combine the various existing utilities combined into a single install SysinternalsSuit. (More details can be found at this address). Various utilities will be very valuable to solve various problems in line with the lack of similar yangdimiliki Windows applications.

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