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If you want find money in Internet then you must try free blogs service and one of them is Blogdive.com, why I recomendation this blog service to you because this blog service have many Blogs on Cool Domains, And you Don't worry. Blogdive.com now presents many domains that available for your free blogs.

Just pick one that represents you. The domains that available are:
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• blogdive.com

Domains are most important because of the branding they can give to your blog. If you serious with Internet marketing then you must have icon your blog one of them is your domain.
All domains above are using wordpress platform, include various cool themes. So, if you are now still being a wordpress.com user, there's no problem.
For you who new in Wordpress engine, Wordpress platform is easy to use with their many features and user friendly dashboard. It's more difficult to use blogspot platform to me.

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2 komentar:

  1. I still prefer Blogspot.
    google love blogspot more than other :D

    selamat udah dapat review

  2. yeah ....
    i want try blogdive.com
    because many domains...
    and i love blogspot because very easy for blogging
    Kerja keras adalah energi kita membuat hidup ini tenang


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