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With the internet of course we can find and download the latest movies and such horrendous 2012 and Twilight Saga - New Moon in 2009. But the video files that we get on the internet are usually not included with subtitles, but subtitles would be very easy to get as many specialized sites that provide subtitles with thousands of movie titles.

Which became a problem, there could not put the subtitles into the movie that you have downloaded. In this post I will provide tips for a subtitle / text can be entered and read when you play a video file on your computer.

Follow tipsnya:

* Film and subtitles must be in one folder
* Give the same file name in the file film / video and subtitle it. But still different extensions

* Example: Twilight New Moon TS XviD V2 - IMAGiNE.avi for video file name and Twilight New Moon TS XviD V2 - IMAGiNE.srt for a subtitle file
* Next live play video files with video player

Do not forget to install the Windows Codec Pack to be able to play various types of multimedia files (video and music). And also install codec K-Lite codec Pack to complete and use Media Player Classic as a player video and music files


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