Screen capture fast with PicPick

For software developers, graphic designers, bloggers or ordinary users who need a program to store images on the screen (screen capture), are now very much available for free programs. One of them is PicPick, free program to screen capture with many interesting features.

In addition to the feature-rich, this program also had a relatively small size and portable version also available (without installation).

PicPick features include:

* Save images from the screen (screen capture), with an option to save:
o Full screen (supports dual monitors)
o Active window
o Window Control (auto-save an existing page scrollingnya)
o specific area
o-free area by drawing using the mouse
o to redo the previous area of the storage process
* Results screen capture can be stored in formats: BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF
* Results can also capture the show on picpick editor, the copy to the clipboard, saved or opened directly by other programs
* Image Editor, which is similar to Microsoft Paint, but with additional features such as blur, opacity, contrast, flip, rotate and other
* Color Picker, to take the color of a specific area display
* Color palette, display color combinations that can be copied in color, good for HTML, C + +, Delphi or in RGB format
* Magnifier, to enlarge (zoom) the display screen
* Pixel Ruler, to display a ruler on the screen, so that we can measure the length or width of a particular area.
* Protractor, to create / view a particular corner of the screen
* 'Sophisticated, to create and see the size of the box on the screen
* Whiteboard, makes the screen space for graffiti, with beberaoa with tools that will be stored.

Very easy to use, after the install or run, right-click the tray icon picpick in systray (bottom right corner is usually the screen). So there appear picpick menus that we can choose. To save the picture on screen, we can use the Print Screen button on the keyboard or set their own combination

Download Program Installation
Download portable version

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