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Domain Name System (DNS) is an application service on the Internet that translates a domain name like www.d60pc.com to address such as IP address and one type of system that serves the request to IP address mapping FQPN (Fany Qualified Domain Name) and from the FQDN to IP address.

DNS is usually used in applications related to the Internet such as Web browsers or e-mail, Where is the control to help map the host name of a computer to the IP address. Besides being used in the Internet control can also be implemented to a private network or the network.

Google has now launched and provides a service for the public control Free-named Google Public control. Now everyone can use Google's DNS server address in the and

By using the Google Public control could increase the speed while browsing and open a web page. Not only that, but it also increases security when you surf and open many sites on the Internet.

But it must be remembered, by replacing control the internet download speeds we remain the same depending on the internet that we use. This is only to increase the speed of opening a website address. Or Google Public control can be used as an alternative when the control that we use is a problem in resolving a domain name address

Some Advantages Using Google Public DNS:

* Speed up your browsing experience.
* Improve your security.
* Get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection.

Interestingly Google uses beautiful numbers for DNS addresses. This certainly makes it easier for users to remember and use

* Preferred DNS server:
* Preferred DNS server:

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