Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Microsoft has introduced the next generation of the Internet Explorer browser, with the presence of Internet Explorer 9. IE9 using the new JavaScript engine called "Chakra" which has pushed the browser's performance compared with earlier versions of IE8

IE9 also has support HTML5 and CSS3. IE9 support GPU acceleration or hardware in HTML5. This means that pictures and videos HTML5 will play much better on IE9 because it will use graphics cards for better performance. Internet Explorer 9 also adds some new features including video playback H.264, also said to be IE9 lighter when used

Internet Explorer 9 will only be used for users of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft says, the limitations of performance and security of Windows XP operating system which causes the operating system can not handle the new version of the browser.

Microsoft has provided a platform IE9 Preview to try out new features and capabilities to developers and users who want to try it. Platform Review IE9 not be used for browsing. Platform Review IE9 does not mean "Beta version, the goal is to get microsoft on Internet Explorer enter 9 before IE9 issued later to perform with perfect attendance

Download: IE9 Platform Preview

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