Contest: Organized or Messy Desk - Which is Better?

I am a Grade III teacher for 6 years in the Department of Education, Oroquieta City Division. We have experienced different leaders in our system however, I could not forget our former Assistant Schools Division Superintent in our Division who inspired us saying that " A teacher who has a messy desk and brings a bag which has full of instructional materials is an efficient and effective teacher".

I remembered her because of this contest "Organized or Messy Desk - Which is Better?". I am very inspired to share my story and opinion of this debate because I am 100% agree to what our former Assistant Schools Division Superintendent said. And aside from that, I want to join in this debate for we can hit two birds using one stone at a time.

For me, I agree with the opinion that an employee who has a messy desk is better than who has an organized desk. This is really very true pertaining to our job as educator to school children. I can prove this during the unannounced visit of our Assistant Schools Division Superintendent in our school. At that time, I was chosen to be observed on my teaching strategies and techniques using TLOC(Teachers Learners Observation Chart). I really felt nervous because having observed by the Superintendent is not really easy for we must be prepared from the lesson plan to the appropriateness of the strategies applied for our pupils. But because of my MESSY TEACHER'S TABLE, I was appreciated and recognized. It was really an amazing experience for me which I cannot believe at first. I was told by our Assistant Superintendent that "IF SHE CAN FIND 20 TEACHERS LIKE ME, SHE WILL NOT RETIRE". How glad and inspired I was! She added that, my messy teacher's table which had placed by my various and enormous instructional materials proved that I am an efficient and effective teacher. I was very encouraged of the praises I got not only from her but also from the other administrators who went with her at that time and challenged me to continue the good spirit of teaching religiously and effectively.

Now, I am blessed to have assigned in the central school handling the Section 1 pupils (homogeneous) and continue my journey to develop young minds into a better and useful citizen in the country someday.

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