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True Blood Season 3 is back with yet another dozen of thrilling and chilling episodes packed with the three essentials that any vampire tale would have - sex, blood and potty mouth. The first two seasons have very well proved that the old myths and new mysteries having to do with the bloodsuckers, no longer exist. Vampires have mutated over night from man-feeding predators to amiable fellow citizens, thanks to the development of synthetic blood vampires who don't need to feed on humans. And like every other class of affection, that the society refuses to accept, here's the attraction between a human and a vampire which takes long for a conservative society to embrace. And of course, there is so much to look for as we are getting ready to drink the third cup of blood.

Straight from Alan Ball Alan Ball, the man behind the True Blood is determined not to bring the cat out of the bag but from his interview with the TV squad we understand that the season 3 will be based on identity struggle for the characters. "Everybody is struggling with identity in season three - What am I? Who am I? What is my life? Is it what I want it to be? How do I make it what I want it to be? What are my real values? And some people are like, "Am I human? I always thought I was, but maybe I was wrong." In one particular case, its like, "Yes, honey, you were wrong."

New Characters
* In season three, we are to meet Russel Edgington - the Vampire King of Mississippi.
* There is yet another bad news in the form of Debbie Pelt is the ex-girlfriend of a guy who's helping Sookie find Bill
* This leads to a question of who has bill and why.
* Alan has also hinted that there would be "new romances for Tara, Jason and Sara
* Lafayette and l Jesus won't be the only one getting into the chemistry this season. Sam and Bill would also have the same sex attraction.
* Eric who had been missin during the whole of second season would be back as a prominent character showcasing revenge and romance with Fangtasia's new Czechoslovakian dancer.
* Tara hasn't been lucky about the love and romance. But in season 3 she is to get her very very sexy and protective vampire buddy Franklin Mott.
* Arlene would be getting her happy ending with her current love interest Terry.
* Something that's very much predictable is the fact that Sookie is not human. Alan has told that people who have read the book would know her genetic nature. Which leaves us with the clue that she would be a fairy.
* Bon Temps ' detective Andy Belleflour will reveal a shocking relationship with someone.


The most anticipated question of with whom Sookie would join hands with would probably be revealed in Season 3. Although Sookie getting together with Bill would add sense to the tale of vampire-human love, Eric abducting Bill and seriously intending to have Sookie just because Bill has her, leads us questioning if Eric would be a successful suitor. Moreover, Bill and Sookie have a lot of issues to sort out, including having made a new teenage vampire that's living in their house. While the expectations rise up, the surest thing is that True Blood Seasons 3(Watch True Blood Online) will again prove to be yet another thirst quenching cup of blood.
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