Antivirus AVG 9.0 FRee

Compared with previous versions, 9 have AVG Free installation file size is larger, around 71-72 MB. To be able to run AVG Free is 9, the necessary operating system, the minimum is:

- Windows 2000 Professional SP4 + Update Rollup 1
- Windows XP Home Edition SP2
- Windows XP Professional SP2
- Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP1
- Windows Vista (x86 and x64, all editions)
- Windows 7 (x86 and x64, all editions)

Later Hardware (hardware) computer is the minimum required as follows:
- Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz CPU (1.8 GHz recommended)
- RAM (Memory) 512 MB
- 450 MBspace hard drive for installation (550 MB recommended)

As before, AVG updates include online and manual (offline). For the Free version, the update process online (automatically) happens every day and can not change, but only time or hours of his course. To Update Manual, can download files udpate from the following link:

DOwnload HERE or HERE

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