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DOWNLOAD MANAGER n best for broadband dial-up. Boasting the ability to improve the speed of your downloads by an incredible 300 percent, Download Accelerator Plus features multi-server connections to let you squeeze the best possible performance from your Net connection.

The beauty of the software lies in its simplicity, you just choose the files you want to download, tell the program where you want it to be filed away then forget about as DAP does all the donkey work for you. What's more, if you get booted offline for any reason the software will automatically resume the download from the place it had already reached.

DAP even searches for "mirror sites" for you and this serves to make downloading a pretty Painless process, with the app files sucking up fairly quickly. DAP is a veritable feature-fest making the whole process much easier by including functions like automatic hang-up on completion of a download, download scheduling, and dial-up configuration - a handy tool for anyone not yet blessed with broadband. The only slight niggle for some people may be the fact that it is nigh-on impossible to turn the thing off, unlike most of its peers, where you can choose to manually download something fairly easily. Having said this, because the program is so easy to use and integrates beautifully with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers, there really is little reason why you would not want this great utility keeping watch of your downloads all the time.

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