Multi Id Yahoo Tricks

High-lo ye 2 or more Yahoo Masenger ID or mo isengan with temen chat, you can chat with him with two different ID and unison with the computer unit 1, is the trick gimana ne second ID can you jalanin on one computer.

* The first step starting from

"Star" menu select "Run" type "regedit" and hit enter

* Well ... after we went into the registry window,

then click "Software" (it contains software2-me-you install)
search folder "Yahoo" and go to the "pager", trus click "test".

* In Windows, this test;

Right click select "new" create a new string "string Value"

* Name the new string was the name of "plural" enter.
* Now we already have a new string, the contents of the string value by the value of click 2 times trus enter the value "0" (zero).
* Close the windows registry, and you run Yahoo Messenger, enter another (second ID you).

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