What version of Yahoo Mesengger best and stable?

Not deny that one of the most popular chat applications in Asia, especially in Indonesia is Yahoo Mesengger. Although many other alternatives such as Google talk, mIRC, Facebook and others, but users YM to chat to my knowledge still more.

Currently Mesengger yahoo has reached version 10, though not yet final. But not every new version better and effective than the old version, including yahoo Mesengger.
After all this time using version 9 and yesterday tried to use version 10 beta, I often have problems when using yahoo Mesengger. Mesengger yahoo programs often do not respond with (either with the mouse / keyboard = hang), although this sort of thing only happens sometimes less than a minute, but almost every day experienced something like that.

Not to mention when trying to version 10, there are other additional applications that participate in the actual install is not so important, so the added performance and CPU usage / memory computers. In addition, the last few days it often happened some messages did not arrive. This is certainly a problem, because yahoo Mesengger also supports communication between colleagues.

Seeing something like that, I finally tried to find information about Yahoo Mesengger the most stable and suitable, especially for the Windows XP operating system. I get some opinions that the version 8.1 or 7.5 is more stable and lighter than version 9, even 10 versions.

If you download from the site directly Mesengger yahoo, then the available is a version 9 or version 10 (latest version), including when he opened the popular download.com site. Also, available is a download application that requires installation online. So this is often trouble us.

Alternatively we are looking for a full program downloads that can be installed without having to online or connect to the internet. The following download sites yahoo Mesengger final version 8.1 and 7.5 (from FileHippo.com):

- Yahoo Mesengger (8 MB)
- Yahoo Mesengger (10 MB)

If you want to keep trying or using the final version 9 or version 10, then the offline installer we can get from the site following filehippo:
- Yahoo Mesengger (14.5 MB)
- Yahoo Mesengger 10 (approximately 16 MB)

Previously, I installed version 7.5, a relatively fast and lightweight, but when trying to log in several times to no avail. Whether what was wrong. Finally I switched to version 8.1 successfully login. After some time using the version 8.1 was much lighter, faster response and there was no incident "hang" as before.

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