Beauty-Pilot-2.0.5 - Bring out the Beauty in Womens Portraits

For a collection of photos and love to make photo-plasticity a more refined and better able to use Photo Editor Tools Beauty-Pilot-2.0.5. With this software we can make the skin on our face look more smooth. So who has acne can be disguised with the tools this one he he he;)

To use also not hard, just enough with a few mouse clicks and arah2kan only. So no need to have special skills. To sort the results are also very good especially for beginners in the field of edit2 photos. Here's an example result of the use of the Tools Beauty-Pilot-2.0.5:

The size of the Beauty-Pilot-2.0.5 is also very small 2.8 MB

For how to follow the instructions under Installing this, because this software is officially a paid software for $ 29.95. If the d60pc our website isa lagi2 a Free menggunalannya he he he;)

1. Run install.exe file that you have downloaded
2. Continue the process until the installation is complete.
3. When requested and Registration dialog box appears, cancel and close this tool
4. Crak folder and then open the file you downloaded
5. A second copy of files in it; Beauty.exe and Beauty.key into the directory; C: \ Program Files \ Beauty Pilot
6. Then on the File Beauty.key, click 2x
7. Finish
8. Now you can use this software is Full Version for free;)

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  1. How does one make their real face match the photo? I guess one needs to start a plastic surgery fund.

  2. haha .......
    may be so but with the software becomes easier plastic unnecessary surgery


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