free Mediachance CleanSkinFX 1.0

Mediachance CleanSkinFX 1.0 is one of the softwares / tools that serve to make foto2 better and smoother. With this software we can create more subtle facial skin and fine. So pimples, blackheads and oily skin can be disguised in the face;)

Previously I've been posting similar tools Mediachance CleanSkinFX 1.0 HERE. However, one advantage of these softwares is the user. We are quite simply with a few clicks to make a photo look better. Completely automated, practical and easy.

Although usability and feature-a very good, to very small size is not up to 1 Mb, which is only 550 kb.

So for a collection of photos and love to make photo-plasticity a more refined and better able to use and download the software on this one

Mediachance CleanSkinFX and 1.0 can also be installed on all Windows OS. Including Vista (I've tried-a on my vista OS)


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