Demonstrate GoogleChrome OS

MOUNTAIN VIEW - Google finally officially show off Google Chrome the OS, the latest operating system that was developing in a press conference at his headquarters in Mountain View, California. However, do not expect to download the beta software veris is because the new basic concepts introduced.

"We did not launch a product today. So there is no beta today," said Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management of Google cited InfoWorld. On that occasion the new Google Chrome introduces the concept of working OS in the form of two-dimensional animation.

Google Chrome OS is an operating system built from a web platform that has released Google Chrome. This operating system is designed to realize the full system concept web-based computing so that all services can be accessed either connected via a PC, laptop, or mobile device via the internet.

So, no surprise when later it looks like Chrome browser. At the top is a menu tab that contains the program for email, music player, document, instant messaging, and instant video. The explanation is summarized in the form of animation that has been released on YouTube. Animation gives a more detailed description of the concept of Google Chrome OS.

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