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Some time ago, you may follow as the presence of Alpha Wolfram new search engine that provides results in the form of an answer without presenting a variety of links to various web pages that may contain the information sought. At the same time, Google was informed that there is a search service that makes unstructured information from various web pages are structured diindeksnya be presented to the user. These services have now been signed with the name of Google labs Google Squared and you have to try it.

Search results through Google Squared information presented in tabular form. Lines indicate that there is much information has been collected and columns used to classify information based on specific subjects such as the name of the column. In each box of information, provided information about the source. At Google Squared, users were given the facility to add and delete rows produced. Removal and addition of rows or columns do not automatically change the same results at the next session.

Example searches with keyword "who is president of Indonesia?" Will produce a single line item information with the contents of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The columns that appear here is the Image, Description, Date of Birth, Preceded By, and Full Name. Last two columns do not contain any ionformasi. By changing the keyword to be "president of Indonesia" search results are displayed in the form of seven items that indicate seven presidents. Seven? That is provided by Google Squared which Jusuf Kalla was included in the search results.

Error information is displayed seems still very possible, as the loading of the date of death of people who still live like that written by Google Blogoscoped. In the results there are some written information more light than others, indicating the information is still doubtful.

Looks like we still have to excuse the errors and deficiencies in the Google Squared is considering this service is still in Google Labs. If at any time get out of the labs, hopefully be able to give better results.

- Google Squared

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  1. well, I think this is a feature from search engine. May one day they don't need website to give information for their users

  2. maybe you are right because everyone already answered


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