Tips search document (pdf, doc, xls, ppt) from the Internet

One of the features of Google to search for documents / publications, either in the form of PDF, DOC, XLS or PPT (Power Point) is to add the filetype. For example: Computer programming filetype: pdf, to search for documents about programming as a pdf.

Actually there are some (tips) other way is easier and does not need to enter a file type individually.

The weakness of this google search technique is not all results of google gives a preview of the document (View as HTML), also if you find several types at once, then have to rewrite by adding filetype. For example: Computer programming filetype: pdf OR filetype: doc OR filetype: XLS.

There are other ways that we make it easier to find the document, view or download its contents briefly to read offline.

1. DocJax

DocJax the search engines (search engines) like Google only devoted to search for documents (doc, xls, ppt and pdf). We can look for documents, publications, ebook from the internet and see the view / the contents briefly (preview) or direct download.

DocJax also be used with additional operators such site intitle inurl and so can be searched by limiting the specific site. For example: Computer inurl: microsoft.com

It also can display: Tag Cloud, Hot Docs, Most Viewed Documents, Documents and Most Loved Most Downloaded Documents. Want to try? Direct please visit DocJax

2. OutWit Docs (Firefox plugins)

One of the benefits filefox Mozilla Web browser is the support and the presence of so many plugins. One of them is OutWit Docs. With this plugin, firefox can make our document search engine, either text document, MS Office documents or Open Office, datasheet (excel), PDF, RTF, Presentation (PPT) and others from various sources.

Download OutWit Docs (2.2 MB). This plugin for Firefox 3.0 and is still in beta.

If you want to download directly (stored on a computer), can directly save this link: http://www.outwit.com/downloads/OutWit_Docs_Pack.xpi. after being downloaded, to install manually on forefox, open this file with firefox (via File menu> Open File). Once installed, it will show a new icon toolbar firefox d, as follows:

Click the icon to open outwit the new view the document search. The result can be selected in accordance with the desired type is also accompanied by the History search, document information when the mouse is moved over the document and other features.

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