Do you usually take the flash games are usually played online and save them into a computer to play with ease and without needing an internet connection again. If so, may be more FlashOffliner start running and make the arrangements. FlashOffliner is software that can be used as launcher and manager games or Flash applications (. Swf) which has been downloaded first. Unfortunately indeed, not all at once FlashOffliner overcome the general problem is considered difficult for the novice computer users how to download swf file inserted on a web page.

From the downloaded flash files, through FlashOffliner should be made as FlashOffliner Package prior to then added to the FlashOffliner. Was troublesome indeed, making the package and add it. After adding a package of games, from FlashOffliner icon in the system tray, we will be able to choose those games to be played.

Ease that may be obtained by using FlashOffliner is how to focus and manage flash games ever downloaded, and also makes it easier when going to play on the name of the set when creating the package. Also the window size when a game will be played can also be determined in advance through FlashOffliner.

Not too important, but maybe my view is different from you.

- FlashOffliner

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