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Tutorial9, website / blog that provides a variety of info about photoshop tutorials, web / blogging tutorial, photography and many other resources on the design, starting November 9 to 16, 2009, provides free downloads of hundreds of items previously paid a package worth around $ 100. What are these packages?

This free download package includes 400 icons, 4 Premium wordpress themes, 3 themes and other tumblr.

Hundreds of free items are collected in The Ultimate Resource Package for web designers. This download package can be used for any purpose, including for commercial purposes, but should not be distributed again. The contents of this package complete is as follows:

400 Icons

Includes exclusive packages and the latest release, as well as all the icons that had been offered in Tutorial9. Like Mono 108 Icons, web Sketchy icons, 3D social media icon pack.

4 Premium Wordpress Themes

Premium themes wordpress themes which are actually paid (not free), which usually have a better quality than the free. Package offered includes 3 premium wordpress themes that are not found in other places, such as the Home Office and Business, which costs about $ 25.

3 Tumblr Themes
For users tumblr, themes provided here are worth a premium of $ 50.

Other free items.
Like a laptop in vector images (photoshop), Free Vector packs and more.
How to Download

To be able to download this package, must register at Tutorial9 (subscribe). Following steps

1. Open this Package The Ultimate Resource for Web Designers
2. Fill in Name and Email us, and then click Subscribe
3. After some time, check our email (from David Leggett). If there is no check-box in the spam or bulk, or wait a while. Once opened, click the confirmation link provided, or copy and paste in web browser to activate the membership
4. Having emerged that we have listed, so check our email again, to get the download link. In order for the download link appear, then the image in an email to the switch. If there is a link in gmail as Display images below. Click the download link is included.
5. The size of 25.5 MB download

Since the download time is limited (only takes effect from 9 November until 16 November 2009), then download immediately before the date of November 17.

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