Tips to delete the virus that cannot be handled Anti virus

There is a very powerful tips to remove the virus, if the Anti Virus that we use completely powerless against it (probably only be able to detect, but could not delete it). To do this required Bootable CD which contains at least the File Manager program, such as Ultimate Boot CD, BartPE and the like.

Some programs have a DOS-based and others are windows based. Or can also use Linux Live CD, like Knoppix, Ubuntu Live CD and others. In general, the following steps:

1. Look location of the virus, especially the origin of this virus running on your computer (the parent).
2. Once obtained, note (note) information such as file size, date (although the virus can change the size and date, but some of the size and the date is always the same. Can find a similar file and its location recorded.
3. Once obtained, use one of the bootable CD and restart the computer to boot from the CD (you may need setting up first so BIOSnya first Boot CD / DVD-ROM).

4. Open the file manager program, which is available. If windowsnya NT, XP or above, make sure the program supports reading NTFS format
5. Find the file / virus and delete or if still in doubt, just direname from *. exe to *. VRS example. To convince, use the search facility to find files with the same size or nearly the same date. If found to direname
6. Back restart the computer and check again

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