Prevent Viruses with free USB Panda Vaccine

PandaSecurity just released a USB Panda Vaccine program This free program will make vaccination a computer or USB Flash disk so that the spread of the virus through the media such as flash can avoid (reduce). As it is known that viruses spread mainly through the Flash disk.

USB Vaccine This new version includes improvements from previous versions and multilingual support.

One gap keamaan Windows (especially Windows XP, including Windows Vista) is using the file AUTORUN.INF in the removable drives, like USB Flash disk. If the Autorun feature windows (Auto run AUTORUN.INF file) did not at the switch, then the virus spread easily to the computer even if we do not open the USB Flashdisk.

Panda USB vaccine has two main features:

* Computer Vaccination, which would make the vaccine computer (PC), turn off the Autorun feature of Windows. So if there AUTORUN.INF files in the USB Flashdisk, CD, DVD, MP3 player or other media will not automatically run.
* USB Drive Vaccination, vaccination to USB Flash drives. Vaccine USB will create an empty AUTORUN.INF files that can not be read, edit (modify) or delete. So that the virus will not be able to use AUTORUN.INF to spread to another computer Automatically.

Attention ..
After the USB Flash Drive (Flashdisk) in the vaccine, the AUTORUN.INF file that was created can not be deleted through the windows. And there is no feature on the USB Vaccine to remove this file. If for some reason forced to delete AUTORUN.INF, it can be done through a bootable CD or via Linux. Or a way to format these Flashdisk (If the format, all data will be lost, necessitating the move first).

Keep in mind also that, after the vaccine Flashdisk with this program, that does not mean the virus can not enter. The virus could still go to the flash, just not be able to walk or transmitted automatically to the computer without us switch. Thus need to be aware before you run the file in flash. Use of information and more information can read my previous articles about the protection of the autorun.inf in USB Panda Vaccine

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