Knowing the location with Google Maps

To see a map and location of the Earth with enough detail on the computer, maybe we are not familiar with the program from Google, the Google Earth and Google Map. Actually, similar applications are also available for HP, both with the system Java, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and others.

Now, for the HP we can use a free program from Google: Google Maps for Mobile

Google Maps for Mobile is a mini version of Google Earth or Google Map used in the access via computer to the Web browser or that have been installed. Although the size and features are not complete in the computer, we can get an idea and a fairly detailed location such as in computers, and even added attractive features. Here are some features:

* My Location, we can know the approximate current position that we are using the HP, even without a GPS device though.
* Business Listings, search the name of a place of business or other important places
* Driving Directions, to know the direction (path path) from one place to another.
* Transit & walking direction. Get routes and schedules to travel either by bus or on foot.
* Latitude. To find the location of our friends and share a place with friends. (seems to be supported in new iPhone)
* Street view. Showing just a road map with the location of the place.
* Traffic. Traffic in real-time (direct), to determine the fastest route (this seems to only certain cities, such as cities in the United States).

Google Maps for Mobile can run on Hanphone which has the following platforms:

* Android
* BlackBerry
* Java
* Windows Mobile
* Symbian S60 3rd Edition
* Palm OS
* IPhone

How to get / Install

The most fast and easy and to ensure the right choice for our Mobile is type the following URL address in the browser HP: m.google.com/ maps (without the additional www). Once open, it will display a link to install Google Maps. Living in follow instructions. For large Java-based HP of about 415 KB.

Another way (through the internet connected computer), is open the following link: http://www.google.com/mobile/products/maps.html# Then fill our mobile phone number (for Indonesia, the number 0 instead start with +62) Right at the top (Get it Now) and click the Send me a link. It should not long after, we'll get a link that can click to download the program.

If the above methods do not work, could try to download directly through the computer from the following link:

- Google Maps (Java)
- Google Maps (BlackBerry)
- Google Maps (Windows Mobile)

After the download, move (transfer) to HP and install it from HP. When I tried this way (downloaded from Softpedia) and try it, the menu My Location does not work. Unlike when I downloaded directly from HP, which can work well, including the display Indonesian.

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