USB Flash Drive Cannot Be Opened With a double click

Some of my friends at work and also visitors of this blog is to ask why when the USB Flash Drive (UFD) or external hard drive is inserted into a PC or the drive is clicked or double clicked in Windows Explorer, rather than open the folder and files in it, but it appears window asking which program to run. Approximately box appears like the picture on the side. Also when clicked right there are other options like "Play", "Open", or other writings may be bold.

It seems this started when a virus or something successfully infect UFD used from a computer that was infected first. She will copy the file AUTORUN.INF and program files of other viruses into it. Should, when the UFD is inserted in the destination computer, or enable autorun when the drive UFD is opened, it will run the virus program and try to infect your computer that goal. At one point, the virus can be identified and deleted or quarantined by the Antivirus or the user's own computer, but still leaves AUTORUN.INF file. Because the program file is designated AUTORUN.INF no longer exists, so when the UFD or external hard drive is opened, the dialog box that appears like the picture above.

The solution: Remove the AUTORUN.INF file, safely pull the UFD from the computer, plug the UFD into a computer back, hopefully it is back to normal. If it still happens? Replace all antivirus or operating system change.

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